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Interleukin 12

Interleukin 12 (IL-12) is a heterodimeric cytokine, created by macrophages, dendritic cells, neutrocytes and human B-lymphoblastoid cells. IL-12 structure by itself is constructed by four alpha helices, encrypted by two genes, IL-12A (Interleukin 12 subunit Alpha; p35) and IL-12B (Interleukin 12 subunit Beta; p40).
Interleukin 12 paricipates in the differentiation of T-cells into Th1 cells. IL-12 is acknowledged as a T-cell-arousing determinant, which can arouse the maturing and function of T-cells. The cytokine also looks after Natural Killer cells (NK) and T-lymphocytes. IL-12 interferes upgrades of the cytotoxic activity of Natural Killer cells and CD8+ cytotoxic T-lymphocytes.
It is believed IL-2 NK cells have common with IL-12 signal transduction's NK cells.
Interleukin 12 has an anti-angiogenic activity, by having the abillity of blocking the formation of new blood vessels, which is done by boosting production of IFN-γ, which by itself boosts it production of the protein-10 chemokine.

IL-12 Rat Recombinant is secreted by Sf9 insect cells and is a glycosylated disulfide, linked heterodimeric polypeptide.

Interleukin 12 Elisa Test

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