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 Mouse Anti p21 WAF1 cip1 Cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 1

The monoclonal antibody reacts with mice's p21. The advancement through the cell cycle is regulated by cyclins and their associated CDKs by elevating cell cycle transitions. This organized advancement can be inherited by the family of proteins known as CDK inhibitors (CDIs) that connect to a cyclin/CDK compound and interrupt cell division. P21, also labeled WAF1/Cip1, has been shown to inherit the movements of each member of the cyclin/CDK family and over expression of this protein inherits the proliferation of mammalian cells. The expression of p21 is inducible by wide range of stress stimulation and its archetype improved by p53. P27, also known as Kip1, is another member of the CDIs. P27 also sees up control in answer to antimitogenic stimulation. The increased protein expression of p27 appear in cellular arrest by binding to cyclin/CDK compounds like cyclin D1/CDK4. An extra CDI has been found to bind CDK4 and CDK6, p16, also known as INK4A. When such compounds are assembled - the progression of the cell cycle is interrupted. That way, it has been proven that p16 is extremly important tumor subduer whose frequent loss takes place in many human cancers. P16 is main target in carcinogenesis that is oppose in frequency only by p53.

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