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Laboratory Rats

All my kittens come with a family tree with full pedigree of up to 4-5 generations and where the lines are mostly my own, I can give full health and longevity records for the pedigree and a large percentage of the side siblings. They are available to both pet homes and breeders unless specifically stated otherwise and all rats are sold subject to approval. The large majority of kittens are sold as pet only as I tend to feel only a small percentage of any litter are suitable for being bred from.

If you are interested in reserving kittens from me or going on my waiting list for rats, please contact me with information about yourself and whether you wish to breed or not. All rats are sold subject to approval and with a pet only contract unless explicitly booked for breeding.

All rats are sold in same sex pairs or trios, so unless you have other kittens of the same age or are planning to reserve same age kittens from another breeder, please do not ask for a lone kitten as a refusal often offends!

Please note that if you have already asked to go on waiting list to reserve kittens, I don't start contacting people regarding reservations until the kittens are at least 2-3 weeks old - Don't panic, I haven't forgotten you!!!

In this website you can find a lot of White rats and from the famous Sprague Dawley and Wistar rats breeds.

Laboratory rats' vital organs are also sold, check our shop for serums, livers, plasmas and more.

White Rats Disney and Harry
White Rats Kendal and David and Grey Rat James
White Rat Sally and Grey Rat Michael
Laboratory Rat
White Rat Naz
White Rat Mouth Bob
White Rat Kevin
White Rat
White Rat James
White Rat Head Saimon
White Rat Heads
White Rat Head Cooper
White Rat Gabriel
White Rat Climbing
White Rat Chuck
White Rat Bob
White Rat Benedict
White Barbara and Grey Rat Kendal
White Rat Back
White Rat Alex
Grey Rat Sandy and Grey Rat James
Grey Rats Louisa and Victor
Grey Rats Ivan and Sonya
Grey Rat Sam
Grey Rat Madison and White Rat Connor
Grey Rat Johnny
Grey Rat Johnny
White Rat Climbing
Child Rat Jacob
Child Rat

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