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Anti Mouse Interleukin 17

Interleukin 17 (IL-17) is a pro-inflammatory cytokine. Generated by T helper cells with the stimulation of Interleukin 23, its general feature is to mediating and inducing proinflammatory responses. It also participates in allergic answer. IL-17 influences the generation of a lot of other cytokines, like IL-1β and IL-6, chemokines like IL-8, and prostaglandins from cell types (fibroblasts).
The unleash of cytokines leads to airway remodeling. On the other way, the unleash of chemokines draws attention from other cells including neutrophils, excluding eosinophils. As taking part in those functions, Interleukin 17's family is connected to several immune and autoimmune analogous diseases.
In rodents Interleukin 17 is known as CTLA8 and the continuance of those cytokines are very preserved.

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